Sunday, 19 February 2012


It happened when I was five years old. 
I was a so young, bright girl and full of spirit.
In my age, is there any kid who do not love to ride a bicycle? I don't know, but if you ask me, confidently I will say that I love it very much.
One day, my mother wanted to go to buy some groceries in the market. Enthusiastically, me, who just learned how to ride a bicycle wanted to follow my mother. 
However, my mother didn't allow me to go there because the traffic was havoc. I was so frustrated, in my heart, I said "never mind, I have a way."
So, slowly, I followed her, riding my bicycle with a very quiet cycle.I didn't want her to know that I was following her. Luckily, she didn't notice.
I was so happy cycling and suddenly I heard a loud sound and I felt my body was in the air. I didn't know what happen. All that I know, after I heard the horrifically screaming sound, I finally realized that I was under a Mitsubishi Pajero car. The crowd gathered around the car.
Someone that I didn't know pull me and check all over my body. My mother reached me and cry sadly.
I couldn't say any word because I was too shocked.
Surprisingly, I did not have any injuries except that small scar on my right elbow, although my bicycle was horribly broken into pieces.
After we reached home after went to a clinic, I asked my mother why I'm not injured, although the bumper of the car was really dented. My mother said, it was because of her prayers for her daughter, she add, that God has sent me an angel to hold and protect me. So, my mother asked me, "would you go cycling on the road again"
I said, "I will never".
Like what people said; once bitten, twice shy.
I think until now,  I still have the phobia. I will never ride a bicycle on the road expect in the park especially for cycling only. So, I hope no one will experience the accident like me and please, LIVE LIFE BEAUTIFULLY.
The car that crash me

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